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Until the Wings Unfold - Part Two Posted

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

— Leonardo da Vinci (via tsadde)
Apr 24 16:07 ( 3036 )

astronomer/university!cas/general sappy fluff for Caitlin because directors are jerks.

He wondered if there was ever a time he didn’t look up at the night’s sky and be simply amazed by the sheer vastness of it. The complexity and pure artistry that made up every constellation he has memorised since he brought his very first telescope, it had taken months of saving his allowance and doing meaningless chores around the house to save up for it but it had been his prized possession as a child. 

It had been his hobby and his passion throughout his childhood and his adolescence so it had seemed only natural to study it at college. The plan had been simple: go to college and major in astronomy, get good grades and graduate without any drama. The slight spanner in the works had been meeting none other than Dean Winchester an engineering major who had come along like a breath of fresh air and turned Castiel’s life upside down. Sure he was still set on graduating with good marks but instead of returning home he had a summer road trip with Dean ahead of him. Nearly two months of just him, Dean and the open sky. All he had to do was graduate. 

"What are you thinking ‘bout?" the boy lying next to him asked pulling Castiel out of his thoughts. It had been Dean’s idea to drive to the outskirts of town, park in a field and star gaze. It had surprised Castiel seeing as there were several parties been thrown in and around campus that night but clearly Dean had other plans that didn’t involve Jell-O shots or alcohol induced headaches come morning. Castiel glanced over to the smiling and curious face of Dean Winchester and smiled back without even thinking about it. Smiling when Dean was around was more natural to him than breathing. 

"The sky." Castiel replied and unsurprisingly Dean laughed loudly, his laughter filling up the empty field.

"No surprise there then." Dean chuckled. "You nervous ‘bout tomorrow?"

"Am I nervous about graduating? Not really…I’m nervous about what comes after though." Castiel said. He’d dedicated his life to his love for the night sky and how he was standing on the edge of a new beginning. He just had to make that leapt.

"Look…I…I got you something." Dean said after a few moments. Castiel once again looked over at Dean but this time it was with surprise. He thought they weren’t going to do graduation gifts, mainly because Dean had said it would be sappy, but like always Dean had caved. "Don’t look so scared, it’s only small…well it’s small from where we’re sitting anyway."

"What is it?" Castiel asked as nervous butterflies began fluttering around in his stomach. He watched anxiously as Dean pulled an envelope out his jacket pocket and handed it over to Castiel, the easy smile Castiel had fallen so hard for spread widely across Dean’s face as he did so. "Dean, what are you up to?"

"I can’t really tell you that before you open the damn present. It wouldn’t be a surprise then would it?" Dean said with a chuckle. "I know I said gifts were sappy but you’ve been working your ass off for this for so long and I wanted to get you something that would mean a lot to you." Dean added and even in the darkness of the evening Castiel could see Dean’s face growing red with embarrassment. The nervous butterflies fluttered their wings frantically as Castiel tore at the envelope and pulled out a letter followed by an official looking certificate.

"You haven’t adopted an alpaca on my behalf again have you?" Castiel asked warily. Sure knowing that he owned an alpaca named Poncho, who was currently residing in Peru, was an interesting conversation starter but there was only so many alpaca wool jumpers one man could own.

Dean snorted loudly and rolled his eyes. Castiel took that as ‘Just read the letter’ so he did just that. As he read the nervous butterflies fluttered away and instead a steady warmth began to rise in his chest. He turned to look at Dean but round that the other man was not there. In the distance he heard the trunk of the Impala slam shut and so Castiel turned in the direction of the car Dean had parked several metres away from them. Dean returned with one of Castiel’s smaller telescopes, a huge grin plastered his face. “Dean is this what I think it is?” Castiel asked motioning down to the letter and certificate in his hands. Dean simply carried on smiling as he set up the telescope and pointed it at a set position in he sky.

"Well I tried to think of what I could get for someone who constantly had his eyes on the sky." Dean remarked as he pulled Castiel up into a standing position. "So then I thought why don’t I just get him some of that sky?" he added as he pointed at the telescope. "It’s not too corny is it?"

"Dean, you named a star after me. It’s the corniest thing anyone could ever do for me but it’s also the most perfect thing anyone could do for me.” Castiel said, smiling from ear to ear. 

"Yeah…see this way you’ll be part of the sky, no matter where you are." Dean said as he smiled back. All the nerves and all the worry inside of Castiel disappeared completely as he took in the sight of Dean smiling at him. The summer was ahead of them and Dean had managed to do something no one else ever had, he’d shown Castiel real love and given him a home in the night’s sky.   

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Ekin Buyuksahin

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A coffee pot can be a coffee mug if you just don’t fucking care


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2:48 is a genius time to be writing

I will not regret this in the morning at all

Nope not at all

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vintage illustration, constellations of the northern hemisphere

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   How is the Veronica Mars au coming along?

It has a name, a fanmix and there are currently 11148 words written. If I stop procrastinating (aka going to the cinema or being social) then I’ll get it finished by next week methinks. 

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When hope is gone
And a heart full of thunder leads me on
You’re the only one
I can count on to pull me through
I will always come back to you

Apr 23 23:17 ( 188 )


spn au: photographer!dean & nude model!cas

Dean Winchester is a photographer living and working in Manhattan; he’s made quite a name for himself over the years, and the models practically line up outside of his studio doors for a chance to work with him. All except a new model on the scene; Castiel Novak. 

Castiel refuses to be photographed by Dean, insisting that he’s a womanizer and he would rather be photographed by newer artists anyway. Until his agent forces him into a session with Dean. Castiel comes to Dean’s studio, expecting a jerk with a 800 dollar camera. He comes to find that by the end of the session, he has thoroughly enjoyed Dean’s company and would love to see him again. 

A few sessions in, he and Dean are desperately fucking all over the studio floor. Dean has never felt so alive as when he’s with the young man who has a body built for photographing. Dean asks him later that evening if Castiel would like to make their relationship more permanent. 

Castiel moves in a few weeks later. 

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He is my best friend

Apr 23 22:49 ( 263 )

My summery of Amazing Spider-Man 2 (with input from my mama):

  • Dane DeHaan’s face is a work of art
  • 90% of the film is just pain
  • I ship Harry and Peter 
  • Andrew Garfield’s booty is a mighty fine booty (mama’s opinion of which I agree)
  • Dane DeHaan in leather is very sexually frustrating 
  • It’s just so very very sad (mama - I agree)
  • Part of the film would have been approved if Harry and Peter had kissed (my opinion as well the girl behind me as she said so to her friend)
  • Dane DeHaan in a black v-neck is a thing of beauty.
  • Andrew Garfield in 3D is perfection (mama - once again I agreed)
Apr 23 22:39 ( 3 )


Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

Apr 23 21:45 ( 16363 )