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and i am done with my graceless heart

Jul 31 22:53 ( 178 )
   Can I get Dean #8? Thank you! <3


Here goes!

Jul 31 21:45 ( 637 )


BSG Cast

➣Tahmoh Penikett

Jul 31 20:54 ( 1078 )

Changed my phone’s wallpaper for the first time in months because Phiaa’s graphic is too beautiful.

Jul 31 20:52 ( 2 )

Because I’m ill I’ve got the weirdest craving for lemon juice. Told mum and she pointed out that we had lemonade (which is not the same thing at all) so I proceeded to walk to the store with no makeup on and the same clothes I’ve been since I got home from work on Tuesday. Thank god I know people well enough in that store for them to not bat an eyelid at my ‘I <3 London’ hoodie and fuzzy socks.

Long story short I now have lemon juice, Empire magazine and I’m going to watch more In The Flesh and read some Shoebox verse.

Jul 31 20:38 ( 3 )

You play at being noble, you play at being one of us. But I look into your eyes, and I don’t see an angel staring back at me.

Jul 31 20:37 ( 1489 )


I wish I knew how to quit you

Destiel!Brokeback AU 

Jul 31 19:30 ( 850 )


If you want to watch the process video you can find it on my youtube channel here [x]

and thank you to all the lovely people who kept me company during the livestream <3

on deviantART as well [x] 

Jul 31 18:44 ( 6713 )


Angels are warriors of God. I'm a soldier.
Jul 31 18:43 ( 7371 )


30 days of Supernatural → Day 21: Favorite Supernatural Location

↳ Purgatory

Jul 31 18:42 ( 219 )

hp meme: Nine characters [1/9]

↳ Harry James Potter, the boy who lived.
Jul 31 18:40 ( 2698 )

Being lonely,
So leave me alone.
Aw, you’re acting all holy,
Me, I’m just full of holes.

Well I can dip my head in the river,
Cleanse my soul, oh.
I’ll still have the stomach of a sinner,
Face like an unholy ghost.
Will you save me all the soliloquies?
Paid my fines, I’ll be,
Gone before my deliverance.
Preach what you like, cause I don’t mind,

Being lonely,
So leave me alone.
You’re acting all holy,
Me, I’m just full of holes.

Full of holes.

(Frightened Rabbit/Holy)

Jul 31 18:22 ( 81 )


Lead By Your Beating Heart | Chapter Thirteen

12.5k - It would probably be best to read on ao3

[Tumblr Link to All Parts] [ao3 Link]

Michael – Hi Dean, I get into Chicago tomorrow so if you’re free for drinks it would be good to meet up. I’m not sure if you got my answer machine message.


"So let me get this right…” Charlie said the next afternoon as she, Dean and Sarah sat in the cafeteria. She even paused dramatically to take a sip from her juice box and Dean was convinced it was just to fuck with him. “You’re going for a drink tonight with your ex-boyfriend who you were with for three years and your current boyfriend, who has only just recently started talking to you again, is perfectly ok with this?" Charlie asked, her eyebrows raised so high they disappeared under her dark red bangs.

"Yeah…I guess that’s about right." Dean said with a shrug before grabbing a handful of Sarah’s fries.

“Hey!” Sarah snapped slapping Dean on the arm. “You have your own fries.”

“Stolen fries taste better.” Dean retorted with a grin.

"Your relationship confuses the hell out of me." Charlie said rolling her eyes.

“It’s a friendship based on Dr Sexy and stolen fries.” Dean said giving Sarah a wink.

"Not your friendship with Sarah you asshole, your relationship with Cas.” Charlie said with exasperation. “I swear it’s even worse than Jo and Adam’s. If I walk in on them making out on my couch one more time then Jo can move back in with you."

"There’s no room at mine." Dean pointed out. Charlie snorted loudly and took another sip of her juice before replying.

"Oh please Cas hasn’t slept in the spare room once. You two can pretend he’s your boyfriend who just happens to also be your roommate but he’s basically your boyfriend who lives with you." Charlie said. "I still can’t believe he’s ok with you seeing Michael for a drink though.”

“And I can’t believe you’re drinking from a juice box.” Dean said.

“I’ve been awake for like thirty hours studying and if you drew blood from me right now it would be pure caffeine, I need juice.” Charlie said. “And don’t change the subject, Cas is really ok with you going to a drink with Michael?”

"He’s probably not but I honestly think he’s scared I’m going to run again if we have another argument."

"Would you?" Sarah asked with concern. Sure she and Dean had a friendship mainly based on their love for Dr Sexy but sometimes she seemed genuinely concerned about Dean.

"No, it cost me a fuckload of gas the last time." Dean quipped and both Sarah and Charlie’s responses were a heavy rolls of their eyes. "Come on, I learnt my lesson the last time, it took nearly two months for Cas to forgive me so I’m not about to fuck it all up again."

"Good, I couldn’t deal with the moping and you constantly being round mine complaining to Jo."

"Thanks Charlie, you’re a good friend." Dean muttered sarcastically.

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Halloween I & II by gurbir.gerwal

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