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Ok there’s a pet corner at work today. They have chinchillas and bunnies!

I’m going to steal them all.

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My first ever follow forever! I’m sorry I couldn’t fit everyone in (i follow too many blogs ;~;) but here are all my precious spn blogs that i will follow into the depths of hell ❤ you’re all bootyfull (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ 


♔ abaddonrisea-fallen-assbutt, abaddonsboys, ackelzacklepackleacklesandhissnacklesacklescollinsallaboutjensenackles,  allforsammyalmaasiamaelangelangelsofspnassbuttsinplaid,  auroracasbeckyrosensbellahuntbenylafittebestbrothersblamemishableedingraceblessedhunterbloodysambookkbabybowlegsintheimpalaboykiingbreathingdestielbreezydeanbrokenstielsbrightfallenstarsbruisedsammybunnyhopdeancacklecascaestillecaptivesamcapturedeancarelessdeancaresscrowleycas-wants-deancas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-youcas4deancascheekscaseofcascasfallencasfallsinlovecasfuckercasfeathercaskissescassbuttcasscruffybeardcasthewisecastielcampbellcastielsmemecatchingsamcatstlelcharliesthronecherishedcastielchevyimpalachevorletchevycasclairvoyantsamcondemnedcascottontaildeancroatoan-deancroatoansammycrossroadscastielcruelcrowleycrueldeancuddleswithcascuddlingcastielcumslutjensencurious-castieldaddyjensendaisiescasdaisy-deandammit-sammydamnitdeanwinchesterdandelioncasdanistieldaringdeandarling-casdarlingdeanodean-and-crowley„ dean-wuvz-hugzdeanachedeanandcasdeancentricdeanfuckerdeangatorydeanharrisacklesdeanmemedeanmoansdeannieweeniedeannovakkdeanpossesseddeansfeatherdeansubdeanstolemyheartdeanwuvscastieldelinquentdean,  defiantcasdemonprotectiondemondetoxmanualdestiels-love-cant-be-brokendevoutdeandisgracedwingsdmishtriduhdeandysfunctionalcaseccentricaseasterbuncasemptywingendstielendthiscastiel,  endversecasenhocianenohchianewdeanexorcistielfallenbadassfairyjensenfallencastielfallencastielsfallforcastielfeatherdeanflannelsammyflightlesscas,  flawedcastielflyingcastielforgivencasfound-liquorstore-and-drank-ittfreckledcasfreckledbuttchesterfreewillsamfriskydeanfuckyeahdestielfanficsfuckyeah-sassy


♔ gabrielrisinggabrielsbuttgadreelsamgalaxydeangarthedgayangelsgenivievecortesegracelesscasgreatdeangrippingdean,  gummybearjaredhalokevinhalocashavefaithcastielhealedbycashealingsamhealingsammyheavendeanhelldeanhellodeans,  helpcasheroiccasheyacashighermagichippityhoppitycashis-angel-castielholamisha-migosholycastielhopefuldeanhoteldestielhuntedestielhuntingsammyhurtwinchestersi-lost-my-sh0e iamsupernaturalsbitchitsjustjensenitsokaysammyitsajensenthingimperfectcasimplieddestielinfernalcasisuclaheyjellybeancastieljackles-loverjarpadjensmishapiejensenfansjensenliciousjensens14thfrecklejensengasmjiimmynovaksjiltedcasjoharvxllekarmapluskazchesterkevinfellkikistielkingluciferkissingcrowleyladiesofspnleaderdeanlil-nerdy-dude-with-wingslionheartdeanlittlekingcrowleylookingformishalovelydeanloyalmegluciferismysoulmatelucifersvessellmbrrymeanwhilemishacollinsmegmasterymegscrownmegsfallmendingsammintcastielmisha-collinsmisha——collinsmishascolinmostly-mishamishamallowmishas-assbuttsmishandjenmishasbabymishasminionsmishasmilesmishjenmishpalamisterfrecklesmooseleysmostly10mostly-jensenmostly-mishamymooseromance


 nerdcasnerdydeannestingcasnimblecasnowingscasnursedeanodeaanodearcasohcasmycasohmyholymishaohsammmyohshitsamomgcasomgcocklesomgdeanomgpadaleckionamelancholyhilloohstilesossricchauowldeanpappcavepastrymishapeachycastielpeachydeanpeniscaspiesandsammypiesexualhunterpinksatindeanplaidcaspocketfullofpadaleckipoisondeanpraisingdeanprayingfordestielpreciousmooseprofound—bondageprofoundbondmatesprofoundbondsprotectgadreelprotectsam,provocativecaspunksampurecastielpurgdeanqueendanneelackles,  queersam,​rainbowdestielrebeliousdeanresurrectedsamriseofthefallenoneruledbycrowley,sacrificialdeansafedeansaltandburnnsaltnburnedsamattheendsamifeur,sammycasdeansammyfbisammylittleangelsammysloversammysexual,sammywinchsetersampalaasamshalosamspurpletoothbrushsamuletdean,samwinchestehrsassydeansastieleckisavedbycastielsassydeansavemesam,savingdeannsavingfreewillscruffydeanwinchestersecretlymishaseductivecas,seraphlimonadesexdeanshakethatcass,  shirtlesssammyshydeanslutdean,slutjensenslutsammysnowprincecassnowstiel,  snugglescassnuggycassoftdean,softlysamsorryclarencesourpatchcasspacemishaspnfansspnficletsmspnjensenlovespnspankbankspringtimecassshdeanssjdebuskstormborncas,stormydeanstormstielstubbledeansubbycassubsamsupernaturalapocalypse,supernaturalthreesome,  super-freakin-naturalsupermishamigasuperdeangirl,sweetcastielsweetdeaan


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If only I was given a dollar for every time I made myself look stupid in front of a cute person

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Whoa. This is heavy. There’s that word again. “Heavy.” Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

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for dirtyydean who sent me a request for a This Is Gospel edit 

full view please :) 

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I’ve been meaning to post this for like 3 weeks now!

I’ve had this tumblr, for like, forever (3+ years, a fucking infinity, right?) but I haven’t really been active in any type of community until lately. Since then, I’ve become an addict. I honestly can’t tell all of you how much I appreciate you. Every follow, every message, every reblog, you guys are absolutely incredible. 

To celebrate reaching 500 followers recently, I thought a Follow Forever would be appropriate. So this is to everyone who I have gotten to know in the past few months, and those I haven’t. If you are on this list, and are all like “Who the heck is this crazy person?”, it is because I undoubtedly stalk you from afar and you should put aside that unsettling feeling in your stomach and come talk to me because we should be best friends. 

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My brain is like a sieve, so I apologize if I left anyone out! I love you all, and thank you again!

Ahhh thank you Sara! I love the banner, it’s so pretty!

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700 chapters

If I did that 685 of those chapters would be angst. I’ve nearly used up all my fluffy writing skills….or said chapters would just chronicle Dean and Cas adopting a herd of manatees. Really cute baby manatees and everything.

Apr 19 21:56 ( 1 )
   How many chapters are you hoping to write for Lead By Your Beating Heart?

I have chapters 10, 11 and 12 planned out and I’m thinking there’s going to be around 15 chapters. I’m not entirely sure though.

Apr 19 21:46 ( 1 )

Hot Monster

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you’re my end and my beginning

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Small and miniature oil paintings by Jessica Gardner

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Now that the chapter is posted I’m going to celebrate with coffee.

I’d celebrate with diet cherry coke but I drank it all. 

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Lead By Your Beating Heart | Part Nine

[Previous Parts] [ao3 Link]

He had been back in the apartment for all of five minutes before the Skype notification on Dean’s laptop popped up and told him that Sam was calling. The only reason his laptop had even been turned on was because Dean was intending on doing some research and check the emails he’d been neglecting over the past week. It now looked like that wasn’t about to happen. Dean accepted the call while the laptop balanced on the kitchen countertop.

“Holy crap.” Sam said as soon as his face popped up on the screen. “Talk about a miracle, you’re actually at home.” He added with a loud laugh, a large grin spreading across his face.

“Very funny chuckles.” Dean shot back. He wasn’t going to tell Sam that one of the only reasons he was back at the apartment was because he was running out of clean shirts.

"So, Jo tells me that you’re basically living at the hospital for the past week. What’s up? I thought everything was ok with that heart patient of yours." Sam said.

"Nothing, it’s just easier sometimes sleeping at the hospital. I’m there for rounds first so I can get on the good cases which will help once I’m taking my intern exam." Dean said as the microwave pinged loudly telling him that his dinner was ready. "And since when did you talk to Jo?" he asked while plating his food up.

"We swapped numbers when I stayed with you. She’s pretty cool." Sam said with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders.

"What happened to the amazing Jessica?" Dean asked with a smirk.

"Nothing has happened to her, we went to the party together the other night and it was great. In fact it’s going great…she’s great. I was even thinking about asking her to meet mom and dad whenever they come to visit me. I think they would really like her.”

“Wow, that’s pretty big. You’ve never introduced mom and dad to a girl before.”

“Yeah because mom would baby me and dad would judge the hell out of whoever it was. Jess…well I think Jess could handle it. Mom would probably love her and she’s sharp enough to even give dad a run for his money.” Sam gushed. Dean felt his chest swell with pride at the big dopey smile on Sam’s face because it was damn obvious that he was crazy about this Jess girl. It was about time really.

“That’s good man, Jo would eat you alive if you tried anything. You should have seen her pretty much body block this drunk guy in the ER the other night. Dude was twice the size of her and she took him without breaking a sweat. I think Adam was planning a proposal there and then.” Dean said with a snort.

“It is possible to have a friend that’s a girl Dean.” Sam said with a heavy roll of his eyes. Why was it that everyone close to Dena felt the need to roll their eyes at him?

"Really?” Dean said with heavy sarcasm. “I never knew that.”

"You’re such a jerk, why do I even put up with you? Anyway it’s possible for me to be Jo’s friend and not want to get into her pants.” Sam sounding pissy. “You did it with Bela."

"Yeah because she was a sarcastic bitch half the time who scared the shit out of me and I was too busy getting in someone else’s pants to try anything with her." Dean said bluntly and Sam rolled his eyes yet again, no doubt at Dean’s crassness.

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